Spring Commissioning

Get your summer boating started right by having a professional look over your boat. We inspect the vessel for safety and proper operation of all systems on board. We will run the engine and make sure it will start for you when the boat is all loaded up with your fishing buddies. After we make sure everything works we'll deliver it right to your mooring or slip.

Troubleshooting & Repair

Sometimes it's an easy fix like a dead battery or bad fuel, but other times things can get complicated. Instead of just "throwing parts at it" we do our utmost to properly diagnose the problem and quickly get the just the parts you need. Mercury, Yamaha and Honda all have their own computer diagnostic systems and we have all of them. More importantly we have technicians who can use their heads and not just rely on modern technology.

Marine Electronics

Moore's law applies to the computers on your boat too. You will be amazed at the current technology that is available for boat owners. We install gear from all the big ones and are constantly keeping ourselves educated on all the updated equipment.

Moorings and Floats

It may be one of the more easily overlooked facets of maintenance, but it certainly is nice to find your boat where you left it, not broken off it's mooring or floating dock because an old shackle or link of chain wore out. In addition to the seasonal hauling and setting of moorings and floats we inspect each of the wear points to make sure it will last through the season without causing any unpleasent surprises.

Water Service

Our trusty workboat is always sitting right in the children's beach mooring field, that is unless it's out getting work done. We have all the tools and knowhow to keep everything running smoothly out on the water. If you have any trouble out there don't hesitate to call.

NEW On the water Cleaning and Detailing

Are the birds making a mess of your boat? Or maybe it just needs a little attention after your fishing and watersports? We have a new dedicated cleaning boat to keep your boat looking good all season long. It features a large fresh water tank with deionization for spot free rinses even in the direct sun. A light hull wax, some vinyl cushion UV protectant, and quick polish of stainless and aluminum parts, will help preserve your new boat feel for years to come.

Winterization & Storage

After a great season of boating you have to make sure you're ready to go for next year. We'll pressure wash the hull, flush the engine, replace the anodes, recoat the anti-fouling paint, repair anything that needs fixing, and then shrinkwrap it so it stays dry and protected through the winter. We can drop it back off at your house or store it in our on-site racks.

Repower Your Boat!

Sometimes you have a hull that just rides too nicely to give up- but your old two-stroke cannot be trusted for another season. No problem, Let us refresh your hull with the latest 4-stroke technology. It starts up like your car, no choking and priming. It's as easy to drive too with hydraulic steering and digital throttle and shift controls. No oil to keep filling, no smelly exhaust and that harbor cruise is so much more enjoyable when you don't have the old smoker making so much noise.